Taylor Bondi


I am interested in improving well-being in young adults. My research focuses on understanding how stress, anxiety, loneliness, and negative thought patterns contribute to poor outcomes in undergraduate students, as well as interventions that have the potential to improve well-being.  This includes several studies gauging the status of well-being of undergraduates at UCSD, understanding which factors contribute to life satisfaction and academic performance, and how effective different interventions are.

I am also interested in mindfulness and meditation. Specifically, how much can a single session of meditation decrease stress and improve well-being? What role does expectation of improvement, demand effects, prior experience, or biased interest in meditation play in observed improvements? 

I am also passionate about teaching, and continuously work to develop effective learning strategies and engaging teaching methods. Finally, I enjoy improving my statistical knowledge and gaining programming skills for data analysis, visualization, and prediction.



Bondi, T., Dobkins, K. (2018, August). Short-Term Effects of Meditation. International Conference on Mindfulness, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bondi, T., Dobkins, K. (2019, November). Changes in Well-Being from a 30-minute RCT. Association for Contemplative Minds in Higher Education (ACHME). Amherst, Massachusetts. 



Bondi, T., Dobkins, K. (in prep). Short-Term Effects of Meditation: Changes in Well-Being from a 30-minute RCT.

Bondi, T., Dobkins, K. (in prep). Correlates of Mindfulness.

Bondi, T., Burris, J., Rivera, S. (2016, unpublished Honors Thesis). Attention Bias in Fragile X Syndrome. 


Honors & Awards

Summer Graduate Teaching Scholars (2020)

Magna Cum Laude, UC Davis (2016)

Dean’s Honors List (2012-2015)

Edward Frank Kraft Prize (2013)


I am currently NOT taking PSYC 199 Students.